DofE in Aberdeenshire

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We’re so lucky in Aberdeenshire, it’s a fantastic corner of the country in which to be involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award!  There’s plenty wild countryside to explore- right on our doorstep!


We have a network of DofE Centres and hundreds of volunteers which has enabled thousands of Awards to be achieved.

The DofE Award is for young people aged 14-24*. It will set them off on a challenging journey of new experiences, adventures, skills and friendships. Learn teamwork, leadership, commitment and communication. The Award is non-prescriptive, non-academic and non-competitive; the only deadline is your 25th birthday!

*13 year olds can participate in DofE before their 14th birthday if their peer group are aged 14.  Participants have until their 25th birthday to complete the award

For general information about the Award please see the main national DofE website
To find out about DofE in Aberdeenshire please follow the links below:

Participant info

Parents info

Volunteer info

Leader’s Resources

Aberdeenshire DofE Centres

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