Coronavirus and continuing with the DofE Award

As of 17th March 2020, Aberdeenshire DofE expeditions and training meetings are cancelled until further notice

Planning Expeditions

Please carry on planning your expeditions at home.  Stay safe- do not meet up with team mates, but communicate by phone or electronically.  Don’t forget to keep your Leader in the loop, who will be happy to advise and support you.  Please contact DofE Aberdeenshire with any queries

Physical, Skills & Volunteering Sections

In many cases it should be possible to continue with your sections, although you may need to change your activity to one which is home-based or avoids contact with others.  To change your activities, simply fill in the option in your eDofE section.  More info here and here


Obviously team sports will be postponed, but if you are feeling fit & healthy, how about following an online course in Yoga or Pilates?  If it’s possible to keep a safe distance from others, go for a walk, bike ride or run & track your progress with an app such as Strada or MapMyRun.


Perhaps you have been attending a class or training for your Skill which has been cancelled, for example guitar lessons.  Contact your tutor or assessor for guidance on practising your skills at home.  If that’s not practical, consider changing your skill to one which can be based at home- maybe learn to cook, sew, build models, research genealogy/ family history or diy skills.  There’s now an opportunity to complete an SCQF Level 2  Hi5 Award from home.  Just make sure you update your eDofE, your plans fulfil the DofE criteria & gain approval from your Leader or Coordinator.  Full details & how to get started here


It should be possible to do something for your community without direct face to face contact- but always discuss your ideas with your parents or a responsible person first.   Perhaps isolated neighbours could be helped or supported by regularly keeping in touch with them by phone or one of the various ways online.  Maybe an elderly neighbour would appreciate their garden being tidied and their bin being taken out.


Don’t forget this is a perfect opportunity to update your eDofE!!