DofE Aberdeenshire Home Camp Out 3rd July 2020

More than 60 doorstep adventurers signed up for the Home Camp Out!

Don’t forget, if you camped out & completed the 5 mini activities, upload the evidence to your eDofE and receive a special DofE Aberdeenshire Certificate

Choose 5 activities to do during or after your Camp Out- here are some suggestions:

  • Create a social media group with your DofE team & connect together online during your Camp Out
  • Join with your team online whilst you all cook and eat a meal
  • Make up a story whilst connected online, each person adding a sentence in turn (Could be typed or spoken- make up your own rules!)
  • Draw a map of your location & surroundings- can you include your team mates’ locations?  Can you figure out where North is?
  • Do a volunteer type activity, for example phone somebody you know who would appreciate some conversation
  • Learn a new skill, for example do you know how to fix a bicycle puncture, or iron a shirt?
  • Do a physical exercise you haven’t tried before- eg how many sit ups can you do? Or search online for an exercise class here’s an example
  • Do a Youth Scotland Hi 5 Award
  • Set a treasure hunt for your family around the house and or garden
  • Practise your first aid on a member of your family- would you be able to teach someone how to use a triangular bandage, or put someone in the Recovery Position?
  • Will you have a good view of the sky at night?  Can you identify constellations, planets & stars?  What phase will the moon be in on 3rd July- when will it rise & set?  You can find lots of information online, or install a smartphone app like Sky Map
  • Submit your best photos to this DofE Aberdeenshire website Photo Gallery  
  • Make a scrapbook of your DofE experiences
  • A gardening or window box project
  • A nature survey in & around your home- how many living things can you find?

Remember these are just suggestions- be creative & come up with your own ideas!  If you are stuck or unsure, email 

Evidence your 5 activities by taking photos, video clips, screen grabs or writing an account and upload the evidence to your eDofE Expedition section

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